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The Centre for Analytical Biochemistry and Biomedical Mass Spectrometry was founded in 2003 and located for 10 years at the University of Konstanz. The Laboratory is directed by Professor Michael Przybylski, Director of the Centre and Chair of the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory. After relocation in Rüsselsheim am Main 2015, Professor Przybylski is presently CSO and Head of the newly founded Centre. The laboratory has made numerous developments and inventions in biopolymer mass spectrometry, combined with protein- and peptide-chemical methods, tertiary structure analysis by protein-chemical modification and mass spectrometry, and the mass spectrometric determination of biopolymer recognition structures. The Laboratory has invented proteolytic-excision mass spectrometry for the elucidation of protein-ligand interaction structures, and peptide/protein epitopes, and elucidated the structure of a number of biological peptides and  proteins, such as Lung Surfactant protein-C. The laboratory’s current research is focused on applications of mass spectrometry and peptide biochemistry to structure elucidation and and mechanism of neurodegenerative proteins; pathophysiological protein modifications; vaccine chemistry; structure and epitope analysis of therapeutic antibodies; affinity-mass spectrometry of biopolymer interaction epitopes; mass spectrometric elucidation of oligomerisation/truncation pathways and structures of “misfolding”/aggregating proteins in neurodegenerative diseases; metabolism and pathophysiology of lysosomal diseases. A high-sensitivity biosensor-mass spectrometry combination has been developed for structure and affinity determination of antibody epitopes.


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